Discover Pitta

Ayurveda identifies three basic types of energy or functional principles that are present, in varying degrees, in everything and everybody.

PITTA is associated with fire or water

Pitta is translated as fire, but this is not meant literally. Rather, it is the principle of fire, the energy of heating or metabolism. Pitta governs all the biochemical changes that take place within our bodies, regulating digestion, absorption, assimilation, and body temperature.

Body type: The pitta body type is one of medium height and build, though some individuals are slender with a delicate frame.

Hair texture: The hair texture is observed to be smooth and silky. Pittas have a normal or balanced hair porosity and oily scalp that leads to an itchy scalp with dandruff. They often experience early greying of hair or hair loss, so that a pitta man frequently has a receding hairline or a big, beautiful bald head!

Skin texture: Moles and freckles are common on pitta skin, which tends to be oily, warm, and less wrinkled. Pittas have sharp, slightly yellowish teeth and frequently have bleeding gums.

Eyes: Pitta’s eyes are bright and maybe grey, green, or copper-brown, and their eyeballs are of medium prominence.

Body Temperature: The normal body temperature of people with a pitta constitution is a little higher, and their hands and feet are usually warm and maybe sweaty.

Appetite: Pittas have a strong appetite, strong metabolism, and strong digestion.

Sleep pattern: Pitta’s sleep is of medium duration, but it is uninterrupted and sound. These individuals like to read before they go to sleep and often fall asleep with a book on their chest.

Movement: Pitta’s are blessed with a naturally strong and agile build, and probably like to move and sweat. Exercise is an important outlet for drive, sharp focus, and achievement – as well as a chance to simultaneously release internal pressure and embrace challenges.

Personality traits: Pitta individuals are alert and intelligent and have good powers of comprehension and concentration. Their intellects are penetrating and keen, and their memories are sharp. They have good, logical, investigating minds. They love to go deeper into problems and find solutions. Their minds are always at work, and they like to solve problems and puzzles of all kinds. They also tend to be good speakers and are lovers of knowledge with a great capacity for organisation and leadership skills. They have good administrative abilities and are good planners, ambitious as well as disciplined.

Aggressive by nature, they easily take charge of situations. They have a lot of charisma. People are attracted to them, they are often wise, brilliant people, but they can also have a controlling, dominating personality. They have a tendency toward comparison, competition, and aggressiveness, and they are meticulous and perfectionists. Everything has to be done on time, and correctly!

Pitta individuals never yield an inch from their principles, which sometimes leads to fanaticism. They tend to be critical, especially when pitta dosha is aggravated; if there is no one to criticise, pitta people will criticise and judge themselves.