Discover Vata

Ayurveda identifies three basic types of energy or functional principles that are present, in varying degrees, in everything and everybody.

VATA is associated with ether or air

The word Vata is derived from a root that means “to move,” and this gives an important clue to the character of Vata individuals. As the principle of mobility, Vata provides the motive power for all our mental and bodily processes. It regulates all activity in the body, from the number of thoughts we have to how quickly and efficiently food moves through our digestive tract.

Body type: Vata individuals have light, flexible bodies. Their frame is on the small side, with light muscles and little fat, so they tend to be slim or even underweight. Their veins and muscles are often quite prominent.

Hair texture: Individuals with this characteristic have thin hair, dull black or brownish colour, the texture of hair generally remains rough and have a dry scalp with scaly dandruff as it lacks adequate moisture and sebum. Vata hair type has higher hair porosity. Thus, individuals are more prone to damage as it can absorb toxic chemicals from products readily. Skin texture: Vatas generally have dry skin tending toward roughness.

Eyes: Typical Vata types include small, recessed eyes, which are often quite lusterless.

Body Temperature: The circulation is poor, with the result that their hands and feet are often cold. Individuals are cold, dry, light, and mobile.

Appetite: These individuals have a variable appetite and thirst and variable digestive strength. Vata individuals often experience digestive difficulties and problems with the absorption of nutrients. Constipation is one of their most common ailments.

Sleep pattern: Vata individuals sleep less than the other body types and have a tendency toward interrupted sleep or insomnia, especially when Vata is aggravated. Nevertheless, they generally wake up feeling alert and fresh and ready to go.

Movement: They walk quickly and are always in a rush. Due to the mobile quality of Vata, they do not like sitting idle but prefer constant activity. They also like to do a lot of travelling. They are attracted to jogging, jumping, and vigorous physical activity, but because they tend to have less stamina, they can easily get strained or overtired.

Personality traits: Psychologically, vatas are blessed with quick minds, mental flexibility, and creativity. They have excellent imaginations and excel at coming up with new ideas. When in balance, they are joyful and happy. They may give a wrong answer or make a wrong decision with great confidence! They are worriers.

Clarity is one of the attributes of Vata, and these individuals generally are clear-minded and even clairvoyant. Along with their lively minds and fertile imaginations. However, they are also quick to forget, but are restless and easily fatigued. They generally have less tolerance, confidence, and boldness.