A Comprehensive Guide: Gotu Kola Benefits

A Comprehensive Guide: Gotu Kola Benefits

Gotu kola is a wetland herb belonging to the parsley family. The plant has heart-shaped leaves, slender green to reddish-green stems, and beautiful bunches of white or crimson flowers. It is traditionally used in Ayurveda throughout different parts of Asia, such as Indonesia, India, and China.

Gotu kola is known for its amazing medicinal properties and healing effect on skin, scalp, and hair. Here are some wonderful benefits of Gotu kola for hair.

1. Gotu kola promotes hair growth

Gotu kola provides much-needed nutrition to dry, damaged hair, and stimulates the healthy growth of hair follicles. Among the many benefits of Gotu kola for hair is its ability to repair, regenerate, and replenish hair strands from the follicle onwards, so that any new hair grows out strong and healthy.

2. Gotu kola boosts blood circulation

Sometimes, our hair follicles sustain a lot of damage due to heat, dyes, pollution, and other factors, which makes them weak and prone to breakage. Massaging an oil made with Gotu kola extract into your scalp can help strengthen the weak hair follicles, stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, and thus infuse the follicles with necessary nutrition and oxygen. Gotu kola also has antioxidant properties, which makes it a great ingredient in hair care as it is able to help neutralise free radicals and regenerate hair cells.

3. Gotu kola treats scalp problems

A study that explored databases on Gotu kola dating up to 2009, observed that the herb is beneficial in treating certain scalp conditions such as psoriasis, which is a troublesome issue known to hinder hair growth if untreated.Persons facing problems like these with their scalp may truly appreciate the effects of Gotu kola when used regularly on the scalp. Gotu kola is also said to work as a treatment for the symptoms of alopecia. What’s more, it has the effect of calming an irritated scalp and leaves a soothing effect thanks to its inflammatory properties.

4. Gotu kola reduces hair loss

One of the intriguing benefits of Gotu kola for hair is that it contains saponins. These are phytochemical (plant chemicals) that help in defending the hair follicles against damage, provide antimicrobial benefit, and fight DHT, the presence of which can actively cause hair fall if left unchecked. Using Gotu Kola regularly will surely help you reap benefits as your hair fall gradually decreases.