Sesame Benefits For Hair Growth

A Comprehensive Guide: Sesame Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

Sesame Oil is derived from sesame seeds and is the oldest oil ever to be used by mankind. Sesame oil has high levels of natural antioxidants. Sesame oil is also loaded with B-complex vitamins, including riboflavin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid and pyridoxine. It’s rich in amino acids that help build up proteins, and minerals like copper, iron, manganese, calcium, selenium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

In Ayurveda, there is a special significance of using sesame oil for head massage. It is considered an ancient and potent elixir. As sesame oil has high amounts of viscosity; it quickly penetrates and pervades the minutest channels, nourishing and detoxifying the deepest layers of the scalp. “This penetrative power helps the oil to work from inside the surface of the scalp and thereby regulate the circulation of blood. The sesame seed oil contains antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It has many Ayurvedic benefits, and more than 90% of treatments in Ayurveda use Sesame Oil as its base product. The oil is widely used for head massage as it nourishes the scalp and maintains a lustre of hair.

Sesame Oil Benefits For Hair

Even though the tradition of massaging the hair with oil is centuries old in India, it hasn’t lost its importance. Incorporating sesame oil into your regular hair care routine is a must. 

  1. Promotes Hair Growth: If you are suffering from hair loss, applying sesame oil on your scalp will facilitate hair growth and prevent baldness. Massaging hair with sesame oil improves blood circulation which further promotes hair growth.
  1. Prevents Premature Hair Greying: Massaging your hair and scalp with sesame oil can prevent premature greying. The oil has hair darkening properties which help in retaining the natural colour of your hair. Though greying of hair is mostly due to age, sometimes environmental stressors accelerate the process by causing build-up of harmful chemicals in hair. Sesame oil is packed with antioxidants that fight build-up of such free radicals and chemicals, thereby preventing premature greying.

       3. Protects Hair From Harmful UV Rays: Exposure to the sun causes a lot of harm to hair follicles and the scalp. Sesame oil benefits hair by acting as a natural sun-blocking agent. Massaging hair with sesame oil forms a protective coating around the hair shaft which prevents it from the harmful rays of the sun. The protective layer also guards hair against the damaging effects of pollution.

        4. Sesame Oil Helps Soothe Hair:  Sesame oil for hair contains soothing properties. Pollution and heat of the styling tools dry the scalp by removing the moisture from hair. Sesame oil seals the moisture and protects hair from pollution and heat. It also acts as a coolant and gives nourishment from within.

         5. Sesame Oil Makes Hair Shinier: The sesame oil is an emollient and its moisturising properties cover the hair that helps to get rid of hair breakage and split ends. The application of sesame oil can make hair long, strong, and shiny.

         6. Soothes Heat Damaged And Dry Hair: Harsh heat is damaging to the hair follicles. Sesame oil has soothing properties because of which it acts as a coolant. The oil is highly penetrative and heals internal damage by providing deep nourishment. It works as a wonderful remedy for dry hair due to its moisturising properties. It also locks the moisture content in hair shafts, thus preventing further damage due to heat and pollution. 

         7. Prevents Hair Fall Due To Stress: Sesame oil also has tranquillising properties. Massaging hair with sesame oil relieves anxiety and prevents hair fall caused by stress. It is a great remedy for migraine and insomnia.

         8. Prevents Dandruff: Sesame oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in keeping the scalp clean and healthy. Massaging hair with sesame oil prevents aggravation of dandruff and fights the itching sensation.

Sesame oil is an effective treatment for many hair problems. Therefore, it’s also used as a base for effective hair treatments. It is one of the ingredients used in BOTANIQUÉ hair growth oil.